AkwaMag CP-200

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Designed to accommodate water usage for medium to large commercial concerns, with water flow rate above 50 gallons per minute. The system will a single tank and is designed to accommodate available space. Back to Shop

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Product Description

The AkwaMagTM is an innovative, magnetic water conditioning system that solves hard water problems without the need of chemicals or salt. The product requires no maintenance and is simple to install. Salt-resin softeners require salt, waste lots of clean water and discharge salts into the environment. They also require ongoing costly maintenance. The Akwamag is also ideal for tankless water heaters.

  • No change in salt content of the drinking water
  • Softens without removing the beneficial minerals from the water
  • Cleaner glassware and dishware
  • Soft laundry and longer lasting linens
  • Equipment such as water heaters, fixtures, and irrigation systems last longer
  • Reduced equipment and plumbing maintenance, repairs and cleaning chemicals
  • Zero maintenance on softener
  • Zero water consumption by the unit (some softeners consume thousands of gallons per year)
  • Zero water needed to rinse, flush or clean
  • Zero salts compared to 800 pounds for conventional softeners that ultimately end up in our environment
  • Seamlessly integrates with tank and tankless water heaters


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